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We have been asked many times about dogs and exercise. In today’s world it is sometimes hard to find the time to give your pets the exercise that they really need, especially if you have a full time job.

Some breeds need more exercise than others, a great way to exercise your dogs if you have limited time, or if you have physical disabilities is a Treadmill. I have found that a lot of unwanted behaviors can be reduced if an animal receives an adequate amount of exercise.

There is a motto that you may hear a lot of trainers use is, “A tired Dog is a Good Dog.”

So if you just can’t tire your Dog out or are unable to walk your Dog a lot because of bad weather, physical disabilities, or a tight time schedule, then a Treadmill might be right for your pet, he or she will definitely be healthier, and may be tired enough that he or she may sleep all night for a change instead of keeping you up at night.

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