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As we think back on our lives we sometimes wonder how we arrived at where we are today. It seems like the more that time goes by, the more our lives have literally gone to the dogs.

My husband and I have a great love for animals and do everything we can to be their voice. Wherever we may travel, we always have two or three dogs with us, and when we don’t we have usually just dropped one off to it’s new owner that has been adopted, or on our way to rescue one from a Kill Shelter, or we are called in to help with a Puppy Mill situation.

As hectic as our lives are sometimes, I can honestly say that we wouldn’t change a thing, we love animals, and animals are our lives. My husband founded Adopt4Love Pets, Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue. They rescue many different breeds, but they primary focus on Chihuahua’s and Pit Bulls, the two most Euthanized breeds in the United States.

Through the years I have had many pets and I have loved them all. I spent 18 years in the Military training Search and Rescue, IED, and Bomb Sniffing Dogs. Today I am a Certified Dog Trainer and spend much of my spare time Volunteering my services to my husbands Rescue.

Next, can you possibly imagine what I do to earn a living?

I have an online Pet Supply Business called Kristin’s Treasures from my website you have two different stores to shop from. If you visit Kristin’s Treasures website you can click Store which will take you to the greatest selection of pet supplies we have available which we are constantly adding to, or visit our EBay Store. You can also visit us on Facebook, we would really appreciate a like and a share on our page.

Finally, in closing, we love dogs, eat with dogs, travel with dogs, play with dogs, sleep with dogs, and our lives will always be, “Gone To The Dogs.”