I have been sitting here the past hour looking at my Pit Bull and Am. Bully sleeping soundly on the bed, each with a Chihuahua sleeping just as soundly against their bellies. I can’t help admiring them, the bullies that is, and the patience they have with those little dogs. They never get mad at them. They put up with all kinds of abuse from those two little Chihuahuas, like having them hanging from their lips. My Pit Bull, PeeBs, has made himself the protector of these little dogs. He keeps them from fighting each other and he keeps them safe from harm from other animals.

People wants me to believe that bullies are inherently dangerous, that is not my experience. I have long since lost count of just how many bullies have come through my home, as my own, fosters for the shelter or fosters for the rescue. They have all been fun loving dogs. Some has had much more energy than others, but bullies tend to have a lot of energy and do need exercise. I have also found that they really like to be challenged to use their head. They love puzzle games, like the ones where they have to get a treat out of a maze to be able to eat it. And the patience they have with the Chihuahuas don’t much seem like a dangerous and aggressive breed.

The Chihuahuas are a different story. They are inherently dangerous. I have never met a Chihuahua that didn’t want to nip at strangers, I have even met several Chihuahuas that would love to bite me, even though they have lived in my home for months and sometimes years.