Pawsitive Music – It’s Tail Wagging Time

It”s a great time of year for giving and I would like to share with you a great new Fundraising Project Benefiting one of my favorite Non-profit Animal Rescue Organizations Adopt4Love Pets, Inc.

You can also find them on Facebook as well to Donate or to learn more about what they are doing to help the many homeless, neglected, and abused animals that come into their care each year.

I hope that you will take the time to get to know them and support them on their Mission to save so many deserving animals, they can only succeed with our love and support.

You can purchase their new CD Pawsitive Music – It’S Tail Wagging Time By Clicking the Album Title. You can purchase the entire Album of 11 songs or purchase each song separately, the choice is yours, let us put a little smile and joy into this Holiday for a great Animal Rescue Organization. I know that they will be most greatful for your support, from what I have witnessed they always go above and beyond the call of duty. You can also purchase on itunes, Google Play, Amazon,, and so many other music outlets, so lend a hand and purchase your copy today.

Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year ro all.


A Merry Bully Christmas

Call me crazy but this is my best Christmas Present this year. This is an update from an adopter of a very special dog that has and always will be loved by many, us included.

When we rescued him from the shelter his name was Ying Yang which we immediately changed to Tux and for the last 6 month he has been know as Ruger to his forever family.

Alot has happened in the last 6 month, he is now a Certified Therapy Dog, and yes he aced the test which we knew he would, he was just that kind of dog, sweet as can be and a strong eager to please personality.

He currently resides in Hope Mills, NC but in April he and his forever family will be moving to Alabama and will be residing on a 20 Acre farm, lucky dog.

So Merry Christmas from Ying Yang, Tux, or Ruger one and the same, you know one of my names, lol.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who assisted us in the saving of his life and believing in him, donating your time and resources, and thanks to Sandhills Pet Resort for housing him until we had space to bring him into our rescue.

Most of the time it takes an Army to save just one dog, though our forces and resources may be small we can still move a mountain or two, but only if we all work together and always believe that we can and will make a difference.

We are truly humbled and blessed to be able to work with so many great people and multiple Rescue Organizations. The greatest people I know Rescue animals.

We love animals, we do what we do for them, not the shelters, not the people, we have no need to be recognized, we love what we do, and the animals give us all the recognition and thanks that we need.


For other great adoptable dogs visit Adopt4Love Pets, Inc., your local shelter or local Rescue Groups.

Also if you are looking for some great Pet Supplies visit Kristin’s Treasures and see what they have to offer.

An Awesome Pet Product

TagsForHope are the most beautiful, fun and effective way to keep your pets safe. TagsForHope are created by a family owned business founded in 2013 by two brothers who shared their love for dogs & cats ever since they can remember. After volunteering as dog walkers for 2 years in a local shelter and eventually rescuing a beautiful Australian Shepherd mix named Abbi they knew there had to be something they could do to help the animals.

After months of countless brainstorming, sketching and debating, they finally came upon a fun idea to create pet tags that look like their owners driver’s license. After creating their first prototype and showing their family and friends, they knew they are on to something very special. Not only was the tag practical and effective, but it also generated an unexpected amount of conversations, laughter and fun! The TagsForHope Pet ID Tag was born.

Since then they have dedicated all their time and effort in creating the most effective, most durable and the safest pet tag on the market. The response they got since then is fantastic, the thrill of helping so many pets stay safe is truly amazing. This is what keeps driving our company forward they said.


I highly recommend them so check out TagsForHope today!

Be The Solution! – Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered


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And this is considered a conservative estimate. Did you know that 1 Female Dog & 1 Male Dog not Spayed or Neutered and their offspring can produce 67,000 Dogs in just 6 short years.

Even worse 1 Female Cat & 1 Male Cat not Spayed or Neutered and their offspring can multiply into 420,000 Cats in just 7 years.

Our Point – Every single animal Spayed or Neutered can make a huge positive impact on the animal over population problem we have in this country.

To have enough homes for every animal being born it is estimated that every man, woman, and child including those that are just being born at this very minute would have to have an average of 29 animals each for all animals to have a home and once again this is considered a conservative estimate.

Then when you factor in those who can not afford animals, those who do not want animals, and those that are not suitable to have children much less pets.

This is a never ending battle and one that we must fight everyday. Shelters are not to blame, Rescues are not to blame, Responsible Pet Owners are not to blame. Do your part, help the Shelters, help the Rescues!

“The Solution Is You,” and it starts on the outside of our walls.

Finally, there is an added benefit to having your pet spayed or neutered, it greatly decreases or eliminates the risk of many types of Cancer. So do the right thing and you will not only have a healthier pet, but you can be part of the solution to pet overpopulation.

“Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered!”

Some Dogs Just Need More Excercise


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We have been asked many times about dogs and exercise. In today’s world it is sometimes hard to find the time to give your pets the exercise that they really need, especially if you have a full time job.

Some breeds need more exercise than others, a great way to exercise your dogs if you have limited time, or if you have physical disabilities is a Treadmill. I have found that a lot of unwanted behaviors can be reduced if an animal receives an adequate amount of exercise.

There is a motto that you may hear a lot of trainers use is, “A tired Dog is a Good Dog.”

So if you just can’t tire your Dog out or are unable to walk your Dog a lot because of bad weather, physical disabilities, or a tight time schedule, then a Treadmill might be right for your pet, he or she will definitely be healthier, and may be tired enough that he or she may sleep all night for a change instead of keeping you up at night.

Check out Treadmills made especially for your four legged friend Click Here.

Everything’s Gone To The Dogs


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As we think back on our lives we sometimes wonder how we arrived at where we are today. It seems like the more that time goes by, the more our lives have literally gone to the dogs.

My husband and I have a great love for animals and do everything we can to be their voice. Wherever we may travel, we always have two or three dogs with us, and when we don’t we have usually just dropped one off to it’s new owner that has been adopted, or on our way to rescue one from a Kill Shelter, or we are called in to help with a Puppy Mill situation.

As hectic as our lives are sometimes, I can honestly say that we wouldn’t change a thing, we love animals, and animals are our lives. My husband founded Adopt4Love Pets, Inc., a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue. They rescue many different breeds, but they primary focus on Chihuahua’s and Pit Bulls, the two most Euthanized breeds in the United States.

Through the years I have had many pets and I have loved them all. I spent 18 years in the Military training Search and Rescue, IED, and Bomb Sniffing Dogs. Today I am a Certified Dog Trainer and spend much of my spare time Volunteering my services to my husbands Rescue.

Next, can you possibly imagine what I do to earn a living?

I have an online Pet Supply Business called Kristin’s Treasures from my website you have two different stores to shop from. If you visit Kristin’s Treasures website you can click Store which will take you to the greatest selection of pet supplies we have available which we are constantly adding to, or visit our EBay Store. You can also visit us on Facebook, we would really appreciate a like and a share on our page.

Finally, in closing, we love dogs, eat with dogs, travel with dogs, play with dogs, sleep with dogs, and our lives will always be, “Gone To The Dogs.”

Bullies and Chihuahuas

I have been sitting here the past hour looking at my Pit Bull and Am. Bully sleeping soundly on the bed, each with a Chihuahua sleeping just as soundly against their bellies. I can’t help admiring them, the bullies that is, and the patience they have with those little dogs. They never get mad at them. They put up with all kinds of abuse from those two little Chihuahuas, like having them hanging from their lips. My Pit Bull, PeeBs, has made himself the protector of these little dogs. He keeps them from fighting each other and he keeps them safe from harm from other animals.

People wants me to believe that bullies are inherently dangerous, that is not my experience. I have long since lost count of just how many bullies have come through my home, as my own, fosters for the shelter or fosters for the rescue. They have all been fun loving dogs. Some has had much more energy than others, but bullies tend to have a lot of energy and do need exercise. I have also found that they really like to be challenged to use their head. They love puzzle games, like the ones where they have to get a treat out of a maze to be able to eat it. And the patience they have with the Chihuahuas don’t much seem like a dangerous and aggressive breed.

The Chihuahuas are a different story. They are inherently dangerous. I have never met a Chihuahua that didn’t want to nip at strangers, I have even met several Chihuahuas that would love to bite me, even though they have lived in my home for months and sometimes years.